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International Master Classes 
           Škofja Loka, 28.8.2013 - 1.9.2013          

 dr. Michael Malkiewicz, Austria

Mateja Bajt, Slovenia

Stefano Bet, Italy

Xavier Díaz-Latorre, Spain

Tanja Skok, Slovenia

Tineke Steenbrink, The Netherlands

Musica Locopolitana offers a creative kind of socialising to those young artists who devote special attention to early music in their regular music education. International master classes will be held from 28th August 2013 to 1st September 2013 in Škofja Loka, one of the most preserved Slovenian medieval towns, which offers a unique inspiring environment to the participants with its numerous preserved authentic ambiences. 

The participants begin each creative day with a common morning dance class followed by master classes or individual instruction with top local and foreign mentors. The afternoons are meant for chamber music workshops, public lectures and concerts. We finish the day with a concert and an evening gathering at the medieval castle garden. 

The ŠKOFJA LOKA FORGET-ME-NOT WANDERINGS are splinters from the past, held and guarded by Škofja Loka inhabitants. Their revival is not just a nostalgic look into the past, it is an aid to modern man in his growing alienation from the environment - nature and people. Starting at 16 hours and, Škofja Loka forget-me-not wanderings are designed for all age groups. We particularly welcome families and intergenerational gatherings. Meetings with talks and workshops will be held in the Medieval Garden at Škofja Loka Castle and its surroundings. A short dance workshop will introduce participants to the evening concert at 20.30).
At the Musica Locopolitana international master classes we prepared four sets, thematically rounded: THE TRAIL OF THREE CASTLES (Wednesday, 28 August), HERBS AND OUTDOOR FIREPLACE (Thursday, 29 August), MYTHOLOGICAL CREATURES OF ŠKOFJA LOKA (Friday, 30 August), and THE FOLK GAMES (Saturday, 31 August). 

 Days will conclude with AFTER PARTY, intended for relaxed gathering with concert performers and tastings of typical meals and drinks of Škofja Loka.

Closing concert of master courses

Where: Škofja Loka Municipality - Škofja Loka, Sokolski dom
When: 1.9.2013 ob 20:30

The closing concert of master courses from classes of: dr. Michael Malkiewicz (AT): vocal workshop, Mateja Bajt (SI): recorder, chamber music, Stefano Bet (IT): renaissance, baroque and classic traverso, Xavier Díaz-Latorre (ES): lute, Tanja Skok (SI): dance, Tineke Steenbrink (NL): chamber music assistant. At the final concert of the master classes, it will be possible to enjoy the five-day working atmosphere of young artists and their professors packed into one brief music programme. More info...